Ormond Beach Family Dentistry is a family based practice in Ormond Beach, FL. Our practice has developed a reputation for being professional, friendly and caring for over 30 years. Just like her Dr. Cobb strives to keep your smile healthy.

We strive to deliver a comfortable and relaxed experience at every visit, while providing high quality and lasting dental care. Dr. Cobb always takes the time to keep you informed about your dental health and explain any conditions that you might have. We offer a wide variety of treatment options so that you can choose the best possible care for your individual needs.

At Ormond Beach Family Dentistry, we focus on helping our patients to achieve the healthy smile they desire. We offer a full range of cosmetic services. In addition, we focus on preventive and restorative services to keep your teeth strong and pain-free. Our experienced and compassionate staff take pride in ensuring that all aspects of your visit are handled professionally.

We strive to give each patient individualized care by taking the time to listen to all of their concerns.

Advice on your Health.

The use of scientific, clinical and technological advancements in a caring, ethical and professional practice while at the same time setting a trend for health care in the 21st Century.

Everyone loves a bright, white smile. Today there are a variety of products and procedures available to help you improve the color of your teeth. Some whitening procedures are done in our office with one visit. Other whitening agents can even be purchased over-the-counter. However, over-the-counter whitening agents will not whiten your teeth as quickly or as effectively as those delivered by a dentist.

We will prescribe a bridge when one or more teeth are missing and there are healthy teeth on both sides of the open space. Bridges can be made from three types of material, solid gold for reliable long wear, porcelain fused to a gold base for strength and beauty, and high-strength metal-free porcelain for optimum cosmetic results. With proper care, your new bridge will increase your overall health and instill confidence for years to come.

Tooth loss can result in shrinkage of gums and jawbones that can lead to pain from ill-fitting dentures, decreased chewing function, and subtle malnutrition. It can also be a source of emotional or psychological distress. Dr. Díaz can provide a unique solution to the problem of toothlessness with dental implants